20 April 2012

Wealthy Americans are spending their money on expensive anti-ageing treatments, weight loss and techniques to help maintain a good memory. This is according to a recent survey which found that 53 per cent of Americans who earn $150,000 per year or more are spending money on keeping the visible signs of ageing at bay including weight loss and liposuction to keep themselves in shape.67 per cent of women have engaged, or currently engage in an anti-ageing regime, compared to 32 per cent of men. When asked what was of the most concern when it comes to ageing, 59 per cent of people said memory, 54 per cent eyesight and 53 per cent weight management. However, 50 per cent of women named wrinkles as the top age-related concern, compared to 21 per cent of men. Finally, 10 per cent of women said they had paid or would pay for laser skin resurfacing, compared to 2 per cent of men, 8 per cent of women said they had received or would consider Botox injections, compared to 1 per cent of men, and 4 per cent of women said they would consider facelift surgery, compared to 1 per cent of men. See original story here: http://www.healthcareglobal.com/press_releases/health-and-nutrition/most-wealthy-americans-concerned-about-maintaining-memory-eyesight-and-weight-as-they-age-women-worr