24 July 2014

When having a spot of retail therapy, many women tend to opt for outfits that bring out their best assets getting a little help in the cleavage department thanks to dresses featuring in-built push up bras, along with plunging necklines to give the appearance of a fuller bosom. In the case of Lori Rupp, she can enjoy bigger breasts without any of this fashionable support thanks to a recent Breast Augmentation procedure. I can feel comfortable being at the pool in a swimsuit and not worry about thinking Im a 12-year-old boy, Rupp explained. Statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery noted that more young women are undergoing this Cosmetic Surgical procedure, with over 3,300 women under the age of 19 having Breast Enlargement surgery in 2013 resulting in a 64 per cent boost in the past ten years. Were seeing more people interested in Breast Augmentation; its growing, said Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Williams Adams. The demographic is 18-to-28 years old. Renowned for his expertise in Breast Augmentation, hes credited for pioneering a number of innovative surgical techniques that have improved safety standards in Implant surgery. However, prospective patients must ensure they are fully informed about the risks, as Breast Augmentation is not a one-off surgery. Theyre young, Adams said. Theyre going to live a long time. Theres potential for having to replace the implant or having to do other surgeries. There could be unexpected risks and complications. All that has to be discussed. But is Rupp happy with the results? Shortly after graduating college, she treated herself to the surgery and despite the Breast Augmentation being subtle, shes delighted to report a boost both in her image as well as her career confidence. Have you ever considered Breast Enlargement? If youve had this procedure, what were your reasons for doing so? Let us know on ourFacebookpage now!