8% growth forecast in worldwide anti-ageing products market

23 January 2014

Mature womenThe global market for anti-ageing products is expected to grow by nearly eight per cent every year until the end of the decade, according to American researchers. From $122billion (£73.7billion) last year, the total worldwide market value for Anti-Wrinkle treatments, Breast Augmentation procedures, and various hair colouring products is expected to grow to $192billion (£116billion) by the end of 2019, or by a yearly equivalent of 7.8 per cent, according to a leading market research company.Transparency Market Research believes the main driver behind this growth will be the comparative affordability and availability of the many procedures, products and devices now offered. It adds that the 'baby boomer' generation, those who are 50 plus are set to drive this spending increase, as the sheer availability of products, procedures and treatments are particularly targeted at them. The report adds that it sees growth being led by people in the Asia-Pacific and rest-of-the-world region, as a great deal of effort is made by practitioners in its constituent countries to promote the services they offer. North America is seen as the leading market for Anti-Ageing treatments, with Europe following close behind.