8 ways to treat Rosacea

1 July 2015

Whether you’re looking a little flushed, or suffering from a severe case of Rosacea it can be an irritating and embarrassing complaint.

The inflammatory skin condition can be something you’re born with, though it most commonly develops between the ages of 30 and 50, particularly in women.

The redness usually occurs in the face and it can be tricky to get rid of. But don’t despair! If you are affected by Rosacea a London skin expert has the following tips for treating the condition:

  1. Keeping your skin cool can make a big difference to Rosacea, so try to stay out of the sun and apply a cold compress on particularly hot days.
  2. Always wear a high factor sun cream to protect skin from damaging UV rays.
  3. Diet can impact the severity of Rosacea flair-ups, so avoid drinking excessive alcohol, spicy foods and hot beverages.
  4. Eating plenty of dark green vegetables like kale, broccoli and spinach – which are rich in Vitamins A and C – can help strengthen capillaries and improve the appearance of Rosacea.
  5. Laser & Skin Treatments are available to treat Rosacea. PPX Lasers are a virtually painless, highly effective treatment for Acne Rosacea.
  6. If you want to cover Rosacea flair-ups with make-up, make sure you’re using gentle products suitable for sensitive skin. Green tinted primers are particularly good for covering redness.
  7.  Be selective with your beauty products, common ingredients such as witch hazel, menthol, peppermint oil and salicylic acid can make Rosacea worse.
  8. Also avoid abrasive products like skin scrubs or peels, as these can be too harsh for delicate skin. Products that contain alcohol, like toners, can also be damaging.

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Image credit: FCG/Shutterstock