31 October 2013

Woman in 60s dress in silhouetteMore than eight out of 10 people have a celebrity whose style they would like to emulate. That's according to a poll which also suggested that one in 16 people would consider having cosmetic surgery to help them look more like one of their idols. The poll identified that the body parts which most people would like to emulate were Angelina Jolie's lips, and TV presenter Holly Willoughby's breasts.Both men and women were questioned for the survey, and spokesperson for Fabriah.com, the company which commissioned the survey, Francesca Davies, said: "It is interesting to note that younger men are increasingly looking towards other male celebs such as David Beckham as style icons." She added that the findings bore out the scale of the major influence which high-profile personalities had on mass style and fashion choices. "We've all heard of the Kate Middleton effect," she said. "If she's seen wearing a dress one day it will be sold out the next."