23 August 2010

More Brits have expressed their desire for cosmetic surgery enhancements than ever before, with 90 per cent saying they had thought about improving some part of their body through surgery. A survey of 2,500 women reported by the Metro revealed that the summer weather is causing more women across Britain to look towards plastic surgery as a way to achieve their ideal bikini body. The most common area women said they wanted to improve was their stomachs, with 68 per cent expressing desire for a tummy tuck. In second place was liposuction - previously claimed to be the world's most popular procedure - with 29 per cent saying they wanted the treatment to get rid of excess fat. After the tummy, the areas of the body women said they were least happy with were their legs, bottoms and busts, with four per cent saying they would choose some form of breast surgery and six per cent desiring cosmetic surgery on their buttocks. The most frequently cited celebrity inspirations for women's bodies were cosmetic surgery fans Kelly Brook and Katie Price.Non surgical treatments such as Botox and laser hair removal were found to be popular too, though were considered less vital to achieving a beach body. Only 10 per cent of the women questioned said they would not consider any form of enhancement, suggesting cosmetic surgery is becoming ever more popular.