13 August 2009

You may have guessed that I'm a fan of social media (what with this blog and everything) and I'm quite into a little bit of social networking too - not on work time obviously! But I have to say that there was a story about a girl on Facebook that really caught my attention this week. A lovely young lady called Lowri Ryland was featured in quite a few papers saying that she had decided to get a nose job after being taunted about the profile picture on her Facebook page!It's the first time I've heard anything like it, although I have sadly heard about people teasing others online. I think it's horrible that people think they can get away with being insulting just because they are doing it from their own homes - I wonder if the same girl would have said something nasty about Miss Ryland's looks to her face? It does have to be said that Miss Ryland was unhappy with the appearance of her nose prior to the teasing. In fact, she said that she'd longed for a smaller, neater nose long before the comments were left and even went so far as to say that she felt the person did her a favour by being so harsh. So - for a change - this could be a story where all's well and ends well, as Miss Ryland is said to be absolutely delighted with her cosmetic surgery and has no regrets at all about going through with it. She loves her new nose and, after having it done, even had the new-found confidence to enter the Miss Caerphilly beauty pageant and finished in the top three!