27 August 2009

In the news today we saw that Hungary is launching a beauty pageant especially for people who've had plastic surgery. I was blown away, until my friend reminded me that it isn't the first time anyone has tried this - China did something similar a few years ago. Still, it all sounds pretty funny to me.The rules say that to enter you have to have had at least one cosmetic surgery procedure that involves anaesthesia, so non surgical procedures don't count, but it doesn't say whether there's an upper limit! It's certainly interesting. I wonder whether the person who'll eventually win it will end up being someone that's had a lot of work or someone with relatively little. I have a feeling that if most of the contestants have had quite a few procedures it might end up being their skilled surgeons that gather fans from the competition! I wonder if they get to win prizes too. All the reports I've seen only say that the contestants will have the chance to win a new flat, car or holiday, they don't mention anything about the doctors. I suppose it's similar to a more traditional beauty pageant in that sense. After all, the stylists and hairdressers (and pushy mums) for those don't get any credit do they? I'll also be very interested to see whether the judges will be searching for women who have a very natural look, seeing as most of the people we see that are looking for cosmetic surgery are hoping to enhance their natural appearance subtly rather than create a very distinctive look. Good luck to all the contestants either way, I'll certainly be watching to see who wins.