25 June 2013

AcneAcne has been defined as a curable disease by a doctor from Saudi Arabia and it can be treated through both medical and non-medical measures. Consultant dermatologist Dr Mohammed Qashmar described the condition as a skin disease or inflammation caused by changes in the skin pores and sebaceous glands that leads to excreting excessive oils.The problem is sometimes exacerbated by a natural layer of dead skin cells blocking pores. Dr Qashmar also pointed towards the role of bacteria, which break down fat into fatty acids and cause violent inflammation in the skin. He added that acne in women can sometimes be down to hormonal complications. The doctor listed his favoured treatments for the condition. Whether this is pharmacological or not depends on the diagnosis from a persons doctor. Non-pharmacological measures aim to reduce the greasy face, and include fat-free cosmetics to avoid an increase in fat in face. The person is also advised to wash every day and try to use cosmetic foundations in the form of powders. Dr Qashmar added that the pharmacological range of treatments includes topical antibiotics and derivatives of vitamin A. These should be used in a phased manner preferably at night every two to three days. Frequency should be increased if the condition persists. Patients using oral antibiotics should not use them just to kill bacteria, but also for anti-inflammatory properties. Stomach discomfort can be avoided by taking the medication after a meal.