11 June 2013

sb10064243f-001A US cosmetic surgeon has developed an innovative new technique that deals with sagging necks in just fifteen minutes. A surgeon of 20 years experience, Dr Vincent DiGregorio of Long Island has been developing the process for the past two years. He calls it the minimal neck lift and says the process is of minimal risk yet provides excellent results in less than 15 minutes.There is really no good solution for lifting up necks, especially in people who have minimal laxity, which is common in men, said DiGregorio. [The minimal neck lift is] done in the office, and you can go to work the very next day This is one of those circumstances which have minimal risk and maximum benefit. The ideal candidates for a minimal neck lift are women aged between 35 and 65. The procedure involves an incision the size of the nail of a little finger in a natural crease under the chin. A full facelift is a commitment that requires ten days of recovery. Similarly, a posterior neck lift involves a two week healing period. The strategy is to use the patient's natural, native elastic qualities of their skin to contract and re-drape over the anterior neck structure, explained Dr DiGregorio, who likened the result to what happens to a woman after pregnancy, when skin returns to conform to the abdominal wall. He added: The technique is especially great for men... There are no real alternatives for them at this point.