Acne treatments that really work

Acne treatments that really work

28 September 2015

Acne can be an incredibly frustrating skin condition. Angry, sore blemishes, scars and hyper sensitive skin: frankly, it’s enough to have us hiding under a paper bag! But fear not, help is at hand to tackle those stubborn blemishes, here’s what the experts recommend to help you get on top of your acne.

Opt for oil free make-up

Painful, red blemishes are enough to make a supermodel feel self-conscious, so you’re bound to want to cover them up with foundation and concealer. There’s no problem with doing this – particularly if it helps you feel more confident, but you need to choose the right products so you aren’t exasperating the problem.

Oil free, water based cosmetics are the best for acne prone skin. They have a light-weight texture which won’t clog your pores and allows skin to breathe.

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!

This is the golden rule for managing acne prone skin, especially if you wear make-up during the day. Remove all your cosmetics and cleanse the skin once your home – some experts even recommend double cleansing for your products to work most efficiently.

This important step will give you skin a chance to breathe as well as removing all the dirt and oil which build up over the course of the day and ultimately lead to blocked pores. Again choosing the right products is vital for delicate acne prone skin, cleansers that are too harsh will irritate and worsen the appearance of acne, so choose a gentle cleanser and apply liberally.

Try Non Surgical Treatments

Acne can be difficult to treat, though the vast majority of cases can be significantly improved with Non Surgical Skin Treatments. PPx Lasers use light therapy in the form of Intense Pulsed Light to clear pores and effectively treat moderate, pustule and inflammatory acne. The treatment is virtually pain free – patients often describe it as akin to a hot massage – and patients report a dramatic improvement in their skin condition after a series of 4 – 6 treatments.

A secondary issue with acne is often the scars it leaves behind. These can also be reduced by the Dermaroller. This micro needling treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing process and encourages the production of collagen in the treated area causing scars to heal significantly.

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Image credit: Ocskay Bence/ Shutterstock