21 November 2013

Couple kissing under mistletoeChristmas parties and celebrations will put how we look and feel about ourselves under the spotlight. As such, a British newspaper's beauty expert has suggested a number of ways in which people can improve the appearance of their face and neck before the season gets into full swing. In the latest of a number of regular articles for the Daily Express, a skin care expert has spotlighted a number of common issues which can be effectively tackled in a short time. While it has an uncomplimentary name which chimes with the festive theme, 'turkey neck' can be tackled at home through a combination of neck exercises, and creams containing peptides and collagen-stimulating ingredients. It can also be treated surgically using a Neck Lift. This can achieve a smoother, wrinkle-free neck and jawline. The procedure is often undertaken in conjunction with a Face Lift.Effects on the skin caused by ageing can also be tackled by non-invasive methods such as a Dermaroller, which is particularly effective for tackling lines and sun-damaged skin on the décolletage area. The micro-needling treatment has proven regeneration effects, which work deep into the dermis (skin layers) as it naturally repairs the skin. Isolaz Laser Rejuvenation is also a virtually painless way of restoring skin suffering from a range of conditions, such as Acne, Rosacea, redness or any sun damage. Alternatively, the Obagi Blue Skin Peel is a successful solution to remove damaged outer layers of skin to make way for new, firmer, smoother, healthier-looking skin. Another problem area which can get extra attention at parties is the mouth region. This is where Dermal Fillers can prove their worth. There is a fair degree of flexibility with the amount of filler which can be applied, allowing the patient to control the level of volume or fullness and close targeting of fine mouth lines. And now is the ideal time to book such treatments. With little or no down time needed, patients will see noticeable improvements within a month – just in time for the festive party season.