Actor John Hannah compares cosmetic surgery to getting a haircut

03 May 2011

John Hannah, Scottish actor and star of hit films Four Weddings and A Funeral and Sliding Doors, has compared cosmetic surgery to getting a haircut. In a health quiz published in the Daily Mail, the 49-year-old was asked whether he would ever have plastic surgery, to which he replied that his sister is a cosmetic nurse and they have talked about it a lot. “My elder sister, Jo, is a nurse who works in a plastic surgery hospital, so I’ve had lots of discussions about this”, he said. “You get your hair cut because it makes you look and feel better and many people spend a fortune on their teeth — so why is that vanity OK and plastic surgery not? However, I do think there’s a line you cross when you start looking weird”, he added. More celebrities are admitting to being fans of non-surgical procedures such as Botox and laser hair removal, while more ordinary people are seeing surgery such as face lifts and breast enlargement as acceptable.