Actress Claire King had Mini Facelift to boost her career

22 January 2015

Coronation Street star Claire King has opened up about her career-boosting Mini Facelift. The 52-year-old admitted that while she enjoyed a constant stream of acting roles in her youth, once she hit 40, things started to dry up.

She considered undergoing Cosmetic Surgery in a bid to boost her career, opting for a Mini Facelift, which was performed under local anaesthetic and according to Claire, “wasn’t painful”.

Her procedure paid off and subsequently Claire landed a role in popular soap opera Coronation Street.

She said: “I’ll admit I was nervous, but the doctor assured me it wouldn’t make me look different – I’d just look like myself again.

“The procedure gave me a boost mentally, and people pick up on that positivity. Life’s definitely begun again at 52.”

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