Actress Cynthia Nixon shares her experience of Rosacea

16 June 2014

Around 40 million people suffer from Rosacea, a skin condition which is characterised by persistent facial redness and intermittent flushing and often made worse by particular triggers, such as alcohol, spicy food and hot drinks.Actress Cynthia Nixon, best known for her role in Sex and the City, has spoken out about her experience with Rosacea, in the hopes of encouraging others to seek help rather than suffer in silence. She commented: “My facial redness used to affect my confidence on set and at big social occasions and I struggled to manage what I thought was a recurrence of acne, like I had when I was a teenager.” Like Nixon, those with Rosacea find that the condition affects them emotionally, socially, at work and in their relationships, with around 62 per cent claiming that facial redness is embarrassing and can cause difficulties during important business meetings, presentations or job interviews. Nixon is a supporter of Act on Red, a programme which raises awareness of Rosacea. She said: “It was a relief when my dermatologist told me I had rosacea as it has transformed the way I can manage my symptoms and better understand my triggers. Rosacea might always be on your mind but it doesn’t have to be on your face.” A course of Isolaz Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can be undertaken by those who feel self-conscious or embarrassed by the condition. This treatment gently suctions the skin to bring unwanted pigmentation to the surface where it is quickly and painlessly destroyed, leaving skin looking clearer, fresher and more youthful. Do you suffer from Rosacea? Let us know what your main triggers are on Facebook.