13 August 2014

Columbian star Sofia Vergara is known for her beauty, with good looks any woman would be proud of youd hardly guess she was 42 years old. Despite her youthful appearance, Vergara says she wouldnt rule out the option of Cosmetic Surgery in the future. When asked whether or not she was open to the idea, the Modern Family actress said, Why not? I mean, not yet, but maybe my under-eye bags in my 50s. Well see what I need, but Im not saying no. So just how does the star stay so young-looking? Although partly thanks to good genes, Vergaras smooth, wrinkle-free complexion is the result of Anti-Ageing cream with the actress admitting that she takes preventative measures when it comes to Ageing: I believe in prevention. Because once your skin is sagging, its sagging. We think Sofia Vergara looks amazing do you agree? Let us know your thoughts on Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Surgery on Facebook.