22 February 2013

Doctors with a patient smallAdvances in liposuction technology mean the recovery time following the procedure is now far shorter than it once was. reported that the treatment can now be carried out under a local anaesthetic rather than general anaesthesia, which not only reduces the recovery time but lowers the risks involved.Similarly, new lasers have been developed that enable surgeons to melt fat before it is suctioned from the body, meaning the instruments they use during surgery create less trauma. These lasers can also be used for skin-tightening procedures, meaning individuals do not have to undergo a full tummy tuck. Dr John Bergeron, a cosmetic surgeon in Houston, Texas, said: The great thing about laser assisted liposuction is that we can remove just as much fat as the older techniques without the painful and prolonged recovery. Most of my patients can return to work in 48 hours or less.