11 September 2013

skd260283sdcThe main cause of female infertility and one for which many sufferers feel no symptoms can also manifest itself in a number of distressing cosmetic symptoms, notes a new article on an influential parenting website. Writing on Parentdish.com, Pip Jones said that Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS, can often produce symptoms such as "extra hair appearing on the face, chest, back or bottom, thinning of the hair on the head, weight gain, mood swings and acne." But, she adds, in some cases the only symptoms will be irregular periods (or no periods at all) and a difficulty in conceiving.PCOS, she writes, is often seen as a sign of a hormonal imbalance, as well as being a result of the body producing higher than usual levels of insulin, often because the sufferer is overweight. A blood test can confirm the presence of PCOS, but there is no proven cure, although medics say that a healthy diet and lifestyle adjustments can help manage its effects. Meanwhile, the symptoms which can emerge include hair growth or loss, which can be treated using the contraceptive pill, or a hair removal cream, while acne, which is also a common side effect of the condition, can also be treated using topical skin creams or effective laser treatments. A clinically-approved laser hair removal treatment, too, can help remove the outward signs of PCOS which, Jones says, is not, in itself, a reason why a woman cannot conceive.