08 August 2012

Operations to remove 'man boobs' are becoming increasingly popular in Africa, according to a respected lifestyle website. Gynaecomastia surgery, or operations to remove or reduce male fatty or glandular tissue around the chest, is now among the five most popular cosmetic procedures carried out on men in the whole continent, according to a Cape Town-based plastic surgeon.Stuart Geldenhuys, a plastic surgeon practising in Cape Town, South Africa, told the website that gynaecomastia is a natural phenomenon, caused by the abnormal presence of benign glandular tissue, while pseudo-gynaecomastia is the name given to the presence of extra fatty tissue and enlarged breasts in obese men. Dr Geldenhuys told the website "Gynaecomastia is a source of embarrassment, intense frustration and mental anguish necessitating modifications to many aspects of a patient's daily routine and lifestyle. "Thankfully, surgery offers sufferers the opportunity to regain their confidence," although, he added, many men lack the confidence to seek the help they would like.