Alexa Chung considering Facelift surgery in the future

29 August 2014

30 year old model, Alexa Chung, has spoken out about her fear of getting wrinkles, admitting that she has considered the possibility of having Facelift surgery in the future. While turning 30 wasnt such a scary prospect for Alexa, the model said that doesnt stop her from worrying about the appearance of her skin as she gets older. Sometimes Im like, Oh my god, Im going to get a facelift. I do worry about my skin though. I look in the mirror and Im like, Oh hi wrinkles, she said. Despite her skin woes, Alexa is keen to dispel the notion that 30 is old, claiming that the big 3-0 had zilch effect on the way I thought about my looks - in fact, the star has never felt so confident. Do you worry about wrinkles, the older you get? Would you ever consider having a Facelift in the future? Let us know on Facebook.