03 November 2011

The makers of Botox have cited the injectable line and wrinkle treatment as the reason for healthy profits in the third quarter of the year. Allergan, which also makes Juvederm dermal filler, announced profits of $249.8 million (approximately £156.2 million) for the third quarter, with global sales of Botox reaching $396.7 million (£248 million) to date.In an interview with the Financial Times, David Pyott, chief executive of Allergan, said: “My surmise is that societal forces of people wanting to look younger and better are overpowering the economic environment.” Mr Pyott added that the market for Botox and their other products is “growing by double digits” in many European countries despite the slow economic recovery. The company is expecting full year net profits of $5.29 billion, of which sales of Botox are expected to make up $1.57 billion.