30 March 2009

British actress Amanda Holden has revealed that she's planning to undergo new cosmetic surgery procedures in an effort to preserve her youthfulness. According to The Mirror, the Britain's Got Talent judge said: "I'll go under the knife in due course. I'll have my eyelids lifted and probably have half a facelift under my chin."Ms Holden's planned blepharoplasty and facelift surgeries follow the Botox injections that she has admitted to having in the past. However, experts also speculate that the 38-year-old is likely to have received fillers to plump up her lips last year. Nevertheless, Ms Holden claims that she has not undergone that particular lip boosting non-invasive treatment. She said: "I've admitted Botox and I had more done around my eyes before I got married in December. But I honestly haven't had any since." The news comes just as Ms Holden is gearing up for the start of another series of Britain's Got Talent, which will be screened on ITV from next month. Her fellow judges include journalist Piers Morgan and series producer Simon Cowell, who has been vocal about receiving wrinkle relaxing injections like Botox in the past. In the past, Cowell has stated that all women over 40 should undergo cosmetic surgery. Fellow judges on the X Factor, another talent show pioneered by the TV executive, have included Danni Minogue and Sharon Osbourne, both of whom have undergone cosmetic surgery procedures. Paula Abdul, Cowell's fellow judge on American Idol, has also been subject to cosmetic surgery speculation, with some experts conjecturing that she has undergone a rhinoplasty and Botox.