Amanda Holden says yes to wrinkle fillers but no to surgery

01 June 2011

dv1768028Amanda Holden, a judge on ITV1’s reality television show Britain’s Got Talent, has struck out against those who say she is a diva. The 40-year-old denied accusations that she has used her looks to achieve fame and success and denies having cosmetic surgery to stay looking young. She has however revealed that she has had Botox injections to smooth out lines and wrinkles but that she wouldn’t consider cosmetic surgery. In an interview with, Holden said: “I have always looked young, that's the thing. Just before Christmas I bought a bottle of Baileys in Tesco and the man asked me for ID. “I couldn't believe it. I said, 'Look, I am going to be 40 in two months, but I love you for asking'.” The blonde bombshell is currently presiding over comedian Michael McIntyre and television legend David Hasselhoff on the judging panel of Britain’s Got Talent.