17 August 2011

skd238200sdcA cosmetic surgery clinic in America is pioneering new technology, to allow patients to preview the results of surgical procedures. The Canfield Vectra M3 Imaging System has been introduced to the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute and Dr Jason Leedy is the first local surgeon to use it.In an interview with online news channel, Dr Leedy said: The Canfield Vectra M3 Imaging System allows me to take a patient's picture and then manipulate it and show them what's possible with surgery. It's very important for a patient to understand what can be accomplished with plastic surgery, and the things that are in the realm of realistic. The technology goes a step further than current before and after images used by many cosmetic surgery clinics, and Dr Leedy is convinced that it can help both patients and surgeons alike. One of Dr Leedys patients recently came in to ask about neck lift surgery but was concerned that her skin may look too tight or that the results would look unnatural, and he was able to allay her fears with the help of this imaging system. The system works by taking a high-resolution picture of the patient, focussing on the area of the body or face to be treated. The software then creates a three dimensional image which allows the surgeon to see the body or face from every angle and make desired changes. The imaging system can also be used to see the perceived effects of injectable fillers such as Botox.