27 November 2013

Woman with long fringeMany skincare procedures and treatments should be carried out when the patient is still young in order to achieve the maximum effects. That's the view of a couple of skin care experts from Massachusetts, whose views were reported in Dermatology Times magazine. Drs Heather K Hamilton and Kenneth A Arndt both say that microscopic lines appear on most people's faces in young adulthood, and these mark out "the unique pattern of facial wrinkling that will be seen without expression years later."Their comments have initiated a debate over the subject, with one practitioner, Dr Joe Niamtu III of Richmond, Virginia, pointing out that the optimum age at which people should seek out treatment has only become a topic of discussion in the last two decades, as the technology available has taken huge steps forward. Finally, Dr Joel Schlessinger, an Omaha, Nebraska-based dermatologist, believes a long-term strategy in tackling the various signs of ageing is most likely to be successful. Overall, it is best to have a discussion with the individual and prepare a plan of action and an ongoing concept of how to diminish signs of aging over time, he said.