10 August 2012

Medical experts at an American university say they have successfully grown healthy new blood vessels from material taken from patients during liposuction treatments. A team from the University of Oklahoma presented its findings at a major conference of the American Heart Association. They said that they had used stem cells taken from patients during liposuction treatment, and found a way of growing new blood vessels.One key finding was that the treatment was more successful the younger the patent was, but the medics were also keen to stress that re-growing the blood vessels was a long process. But, said Dr Roberto Bolli, a spokesman for the American Heart Association: "You could bank your own cells and keep them until you need them." An American company, Adicyte, has already been set up, offering to freeze and store patients' tissue. It is charging them $985 (630) to store the cells, with an extra $120 (77) annual maintenance fee. The stem cells can be grown into cells for a variety of organs, including bones, nerves and the liver. See original story here:http://www.redorbit.com/news/health/1112672762/can_liposuction_help_you_live_longer/