24 September 2010

New reports show that a growing number of American and British men are turning to cosmetic surgery in order to boost their confidence and to reduce the appearance 'man boobs'. Recently disclosed figures have shown that British men have become increasingly concerned about 'man boobs', also known as 'moobs'. With the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) revealing that 2009 saw an increase of 80 per cent of British men turning to male chest reduction surgery in order to shake off the social embarrassment of having 'moobs'. And the American press has also reported that a growing number of men across the pond, are following the lead of their British counterparts. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune has revealed that over 17,000 American men thought to have embraced moob reducing cosmetic surgery solutions in 2009. Whilst, former BAAPS president Douglas McGeorge has noted that chest reduction surgery is still most popular with older men in Britain, a growing number of younger men are seeking chest reducing surgery as factors such as an excess of female hormones, obesity or medical conditions, causes breast tissue to grow. This trend has been mirrored by American men too, with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery announcing that more than half of American men undergoing chest reduction surgery are aged between 19 and 34 The news highlights that men across the world seem to be increasingly conscious of their bodies and are more informed about the cosmetic surgery solutions available to them that could be used to boost their self-esteem.