16 March 2011

Plastic surgeons at a clinic in Michigan, America, have attributed a boom in a wide range of procedures to a change in attitude towards cosmetic surgery. Dr M. Azhar Ali, consultant plastic surgeon at the Amae Plastic Surgery Center in Michigan, believes that breast augmentation, face lifts and many other procedures have risen in popularity simply because people want to take control of the way they look. Cosmetic surgery is no longer just seen as a tool that can be used to reverse the signs of ageing, according to Dr Alis clinic. People are increasingly looking to correct issues with specific areas of the body, with the help of liposuction surgery and tummy tucks, in the quest for increased self-confidence. His views are supported by research published in the February issue of the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The survey said that 80 per cent of face lift patients reported improved self-esteem and 70 per cent noticed an improved quality of life.