27 July 2011

slim torsoAn American woman has lost 125 pounds almost nine stone after weight loss surgery, but now feels she needs cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin. Kortnie Schultz, from Baltimore, USA, said not only is she considerably lighter but she also follows a much healthier lifestyle. I eat healthier. Obviously I cant eat as much as I did before, but I pick healthier choices, said the 34-year-old.Before the gastric bypass operation, Schultz weighed 265 pounds (18st 13lb), and knew this was not sustainable so decided to take action. Having been successful in the pursuit of a slimmer body, she is now dealing with the problem of loose skin on the arms, abdomen and legs something only cosmetic surgery can fix. It's very noticeable to me and I spend time trying to cover that up, and find clothing that fits so that I don't feel like I am exposing myself to everybody. The next step would be to have plastic surgery on the parts that I don't like, she said. Dr Devinder Singh, a plastic surgeon from the University of Maryland Medical Centre, says that this is very common among those who lose weight quickly due to weight loss surgery. While the operation is not cheap, for many people it is the final step towards achieving the body they want. I know its not cheap, and its painful, for me personally I want it. I need it, not everybody feels the way I do. I think its a personal choice, said Schultz.