26 March 2012

A contestant on the latest series of Americas Next Top Model: British Invasion has revealed that she was teased about her stretch marks by other hopefuls in the British version three years ago. Ashley Brown, from Armadale in Scotland, made the revelation in an interview with the Daily Record, and also said that she knew they would have to put up subtitles for the American viewers in this series. She said she tried to speak slowly and clearly throughout filming, but has since seen that subtitles were in fact used.Ashley said: I got on so well with all the other contestants but knew from day one that the American girls could not understand me. I remember phoning my mum and saying, I bet they put up subtitles when the show airs and they have. How funny. I was speaking slowly and politely so I dont know how they would have coped if I had unleashed the full force of my Scottish accent. Even Tyra looked at me blankly every time I spoke and I had to repeat lots of what I was saying. It became a real laugh. The mother of two took part in the British version of the show three years ago, during which she reacted angrily when fellow hopefuls made remarks about her stretch marks and she admits that she is glad of the chance to put herself across better this time around. See original story here: