19 July 2010

Singing star Anastacia has revealed that she uses Botox regularly to combat her 'family frown' and boost her self-confidence. The 41-year-old singer, who's well known for hits such as 'I'm Outta Love', told Contactmusic News that using the wrinkle relaxing injections allows her to feel more confident about her appearance, as she no longer has to be "scared" of her frown lines."Without it, my frown scares me, let alone everyone else," Anastacia said. "I get it from my mum who has a perma-frown. It's a family trait. "So I prefer to get rid of it with Botox in two places on my forehead. I've been having it since 2003." Anastacia also revealed that she would be open to the idea of more cosmetic surgery, if she felt she needed it in the future to hold back the signs of ageing. "I would have surgery if I felt I needed it," she explained. "I think it can be addictive if you have poor self-image, but I'm alright with the way I look, although it's taken a long time to get here." Having battled with breast cancer in 2003 and struggled through a divorce from husband Wayne Newton last year, Anastacia admitted her confidence has been shaken, but that she is still happy with her self-image. "Everything I've been through has affected my confidence. It's all chiselled away at my core. But there's always putty to mend it. I'm definitely growing more comfortable in my skin," she said.