07 December 2010

Top Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie claimed in a recent interview she's not had any cosmetic surgery - despite numerous rumours to the contrary. The star is well known for her stunning good looks, and the last few years have seen Angelina surrounded by speculation when it comes to her ability to stay so beautiful. From face lifts to nose jobs and breast enlargements, the press have questioned whether the star has indulged in cosmetic surgery regularly, but now she claims she hasn't had anything done.Speaking to the Daily Mail, the actress explained: "I havent had anything done and I dont think I will." However, she went on to say she wasn't against the idea in general, adding: "But if it makes somebody happy then thats up to them. Im not in somebody elses skin to know what makes them feel better about themselves. But I dont plan to do it myself." Angelina isn't alone when it comes to cosmetic surgery speculation however, as both her ex Billy Bob Thornton and her husband Brad Pitt are rumoured to have tried out cosmetic and non surgical solutions. Earlier this year, reporters claimed Billy Bob had turned to Botox and that Brad has been smoothing out his appearance with the help of fillers. The power couple are cosmetic surgery inspirations in other ways too, as last year they topped the polls as having the features most people cited as their ideal when choosing cosmetic surgery.