18 November 2008

An appearance made by Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie has aroused suspicions that the A-list actress has received wrinkle-relaxing injections in order to stay on top of developing wrinkles.

Angelina and husband Brad Pitt arrived at the screening of the actress' newest film, Changeling, in London last night looking casual and relaxed - despite rumoured stresses over Jolie's paranoia about Pitt's extended hours on the set with actress Jessica Alba on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith 2. It was noted, however, that Jolie's forehead had the distinctive look of having been recently injected with wrinkle-relaxing serum - like Botox.

As Jolie and Pitt headed to the screening, onlookers saw that Jolie's forehead was completely wrinkle-free and fresh - much like her husband's. Just yesterday, Pitt hit the news with speculations over whether he's had cosmetic surgery himself as reports emerged that he was looking "fresh-faced" and "years younger" than he did only two months ago.

Jolie and Pitt met on the set of the original Mr and Mrs Smith - when Pitt was still married to Friends star Jennifer Aniston. Soon after the film was finished, Pitt and Aniston's marriage crumbled and he was seen publically with Jolie on many occasions before they announced their relationship officially.

Sources close to Jolie reveal that it is because of their meeting she feels anxious about her husband's burgeoning relationship with co-star Alba - which Aniston commented didn't surprise her in an interview.

Angelina Jolie was also recently rumoured to have undergone a post-pregnancy tummy tuck - or a 'mommy tuck' after giving birth to twins.