13 August 2008

My friends and I eagerly waited for the photos of the Pitt-Jolie twins, and we haven't been disappointed! The photos, touted by Hello! as the biggest exclusive of the year, showed the delectable couple and the adorable new additions to the family. The newborns, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, are as cute as buttons - but my friends and I found ourselves equally in awe of the ever-radiant Angelina. How does she manage to look so great so soon after giving birth? The beautiful babies arrived on 13 July and, despite apparently wearing no make-up and having experienced three weeks of interrupted sleep, she still looked fantastic. But Angelina isn't the only yummy mummy that's had us chatting recently - they're a phenomenon popping up all over these days and one I'm happy to see. The term 'yummy mummy' is definitely on the right track - having children certainly doesn't have to mean giving up on your looks or putting all your party frocks to the back of the wardrobe. True, life will never be the same - but that doesn't mean there won't still be time for you to feel glamorous. Some women find it harder than others to come to terms with their new life and, in many cases, new figures. However, our Dublin Clinic recently discovered that there has been a record increase in post-pregnancy surgery procedures over the last year. Most women opt for procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks and breast uplifts when looking to regain some of their pre-pregnancy confidence. It's best for women to give themselves a bit of time post-pregnancy before going for it though - at least 4-6 months for breast feeding patients planning on breast augmentations. Ladies wanting liposuction and tummy tucks might want to wait until they are closer to their ideal weight before booking an appointment. Being a yummy mummy sounds like the best of both worlds to me - embracing your status as a mother while indulging in all of the pampering and things you did to make yourself look and feel good pre-pregnancy!