12 January 2012

Hollywood superstar Jennifer Aniston has the most desired female body, according to a new poll conducted by cosmetic surgeons in America. Dr Richard Fleming and Dr Toby Mayer, who are both based in Beverly Hills, drew up the list based on comments made by patients. The former Friends star, who turns 43 this year, is the person that most women aspire to look like when they are considering surgery.Aniston first won the award for the most desired body back in 2009, but dropped out of the top three the following year. She finished in second place in 2011, behind Gisele Bundchen but ahead of Penelope Cruz, and this year has reclaimed her crown. The actress beat Israeli model Bar Refaeli and Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira, who placed second and third in the list respectively. According to Dr Fleming, neither the Duchess of Cambridge nor her sister, Pippa Middleton, made this year's list as they only rose to prominence in America halfway through 2011. People have however begun to name the pair during consultation sessions. He said: "While many people do ask for Kate's eyes, she became really popular in the middle of 2011 so did not score as many requests as celebs in the public eye all year."