16 August 2013

Red carpet visualMovie star Anna Friel has lifted the lid on her beauty secrets which include the use of injectables and microdermabrasion. The former Brookside beauty regularly heads for a 490 high tech facial in which skin is heated up and cooled to make the blood vessels contract and dilate, improving blood supply. Her favourite, though, is microdermabrasion, which blasts way dead skin and massages the skin to reduce puffiness.Anna's facialist Rani Mirzi (, whose clients include Natalie Imbruglia and Naomi Campbell, says: My clients like it because it gives their skin a taut and more defined look. Rochdale-born Anna agreed: Rani is truly amazing. She makes my skin glow and has a magic touch. Thanks for making my skin shine. She added: Im a massive fan of reflexology and Ive tried acupuncture on the face which boosts collagen. I also believe in doing a dry brush exfoliation once a week to get all the toxins out. Eat healthily, try and do Pilates. Ive tried to cut caffeine out, I find it really dehydrating. Confessing another beauty secret, she said: Sink full of ice! As horrible as it is when you first get out of bed, splash cold water on your face every morning and keep splashing for a minute. All the old movie starts used to do it.