Anne Robinson rumoured to have had third Facelift

27 May 2015

You may remember her name from TV show The Weakest Link – but not necessarily her face. That’s because Anne Robinson was snapped jogging through the streets of London this weekend with a puffed-up face, sparking rumours that she has undergone a third Facelift.

While the star has talked openly about her previous Cosmetic Surgery, she’s keeping tight lipped for now. There’s no denying her changed appearance however, with some claiming she’s now unrecognisable.

Back in 2012, Anne admitted that she had already asked her Cosmetic Surgeon for a third Facelift, saying: “I’ve asked my surgeon if I could have a third lift. I had my eyes done ages ago and I had work on my chin and brow five or six years ago.”

She’s always claimed that being in the limelight as part of her job necessitated having cosmetic tweaks to keep her looking youthful.

According to one Cosmetic Surgeon, Anne has definitely had more work done recently.

The expert said: “She’s been very open in the past about having a face lift and I suspect she may have had another one.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s had a neck lift to keep her jaw nice and defined. The treatments and procedures have worked well for her but age and gravity can’t be kept at bay forever.”

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Image Credit: robertpryzbysz/ iStock/ Thinkstock