10 August 2010

TV personality Anthea Turner isn't keeping quiet about her love of cosmetic surgery as a way to hold back the years, and recently showed off her athletic figure by posing for Closer magazine, recreating Madonna's famous pose from Hung Up."I think Ive stayed supple because I did ballet until I was 19 and your muscles somehow remember what they can and cant do," Anthea said. The former GMTV presenter turns 52 next Monday, and is proud of her size 8 to 10 figure. "Im not one for yoga, or anything where Im asked to 'switch off'," she admitted. "It might be great for Madonnas flexibility, but its not for me. Ive tried it, but Ive always got a million 'to-do' lists running through my mind, it just doesnt work." Anthea said she has regular Botox treatments to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and also had a breast enlargement six years ago. "I think that 75 per cent of how you look and how you age is genetic, the other 25 per cent you can do something about," Anthea observed. "I have a bit of Botox now and then because Ive developed two frown lines between my eyebrows. "I also had a boob job back in 2004 so Im not averse to surgery and helping nature along a bit!" When discussing they ways she looks after her figure, Anthea revealed she was finding it harder to stay slim and fit as she gets older. "I have to watch what I eat more these days. I keep carbs to a minimum and try not to drink much as there are so many empty calories in wine. You hold back the years if you look after yourself."