Anti-Ageing appeals to the ‘manopausal’ man

Anti-Ageing appeals to the ‘manopausal’ man

16 January 2015

He may have always existed by the ‘manopausal’ man could well be the reason behind the boost in Male Anti-Ageing. The modern man is not embarrassed to take care of his appearance, investing in the latest Skin Care and Anti-Ageing in a bid to remain looking his absolute best.

This has allowed many brands to focus their Anti-Ageing efforts towards men, while traditionally women would have been the sole focus. Off the back of this discovery, the male toiletries market is booming, with men of all ages turning to products tailored to their skin.

And it’s not just grooming products that have piqued their interest – men are also repeatedly looking to food and drink for Anti-Ageing, attracted by claims that it will reduce lines and wrinkles, enhance firmness and create a more youthful appearance.

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