30 September 2010

The Health News Digest has reported that anti-ageing therapies are the key to youthful looking hands. The health publication points out that whilst many men and women are keen to minimise the signs of facial ageing by turning to cosmetic surgery and non-surgical line and wrinkle filling treatments, few properly care for their hands, which, as a result, tend to age badly and can even age those with youthful faces.

The publication explains that as the hand's skin cells are thin, sun exposure and collagen breakdown in the hands can cause visible signs of ageing, - such as brown spots, slackening and wrinkling - to appear And whilst health writers at the publication recommend using SPF daily to protect against sun exposure, they concede that turning to cosmetic and non-surgical solutions may be the only way to resolve unsightly bulging veins, thick skin, brown spots and more.

The Health News Digest recommends using chemical skin peels to improve discolouration by removing dead skin cells, reduce sun damage and to remove darkly pigmented skin.
The report also advised that laser therapies can be used to effectively remove thread veins that similarly age the appearance of the skin.

However, the publication explained it's also important to plump hands to make them appear youthful and recommended using Botox to minimize the appearance of bulging veins whilst also adding that fat transferred from the tummy or hips can be used to fill out thin, worn-looking hands.