Anti-Ageing experts share their super Skin Care tips

27 October 2014

They say that we should take the rough with the smooth – but when it comes to Skin Care, I’m sure you’d agree that we’d rather take smoother-looking skin over a rough complexion any day! But while we can treat ourselves to a plethora of Skin Care potions, it’s important to recognise what can contribute to the ageing process.

“Both intrinsic [chronological] and extrinsic [environmental] ageing impact our appearance, including what we eat, drink and inhale,” explains Dr Geoff Genesky, head of research and innovation at Kiehl’s Laboratory.

This means that factors such as the sun, sugar, pollution, smoking and alcohol are to blame – but thankfully, there are three key pieces of advice to help combat the effects: a serum, a moisturiser and sun block.

But what should we be looking for exactly in these vital remedies? “Look for serums containing peptides that will aid natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production, which is important for deep hydration,” says founder of Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, Clare Vero.

And for moisturiser? “Choose a moisturiser based on your skin type, because no matter how many superstar ingredients it contains, if it isn’t a match for your skin then it isn’t right for you,” advises founder of Paula’s Choice Skincare, Paula Begoun.

How many of you count serums, moisturisers and sun block as part of your daily Skin Care routine? Alternatively, do you use any other products to aid the smoothing of your skin? Tell us on our Facebook page today.