04 January 2013

As women get older, most will start to notice they are developing more lines and wrinkles on their face. While some will turn to Botox to smooth out these creases, others will stick to anti-aging creams and lotions that claim to tighten their skin and make them look younger.A lot of women will no doubt feel as though they have to splash out on the kind of expensive products used by stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Catherine Zeta Jones if they want something that works, but cosmetic scientist Mateja Weber says that may not be the case. Speaking to the Mirror, she explained that anti-ageing creams do not have to cost a fortune to be effective – it is all about the ingredients that contain. “There are some affordable creams on the market that do the job, just as there are some expensive brands that, in my eyes, aren’t effective,” she stated. When buying anti-aging products, Ms Weber advised women to look for creams that contain peptides, vitamins C and B3, and alpha hydroxyl acids such as glycolic acid, which help boost skin rejuvenation for fresher, younger-looking skin.