19 February 2013

Consultant and female patientThe wide availability of non-invasive cosmetic treatments to help lessen a variety of common signs of ageing has been embraced enthusiastically by many South Africans. American pharmaceutical company Allergan puts the much greater inclination to opt for cosmetic treatments down to many people's desire to feel better about themselves. "It's about looking the way you feel inside," Doug Ingram, vice-president for Europe, Africa and the Middle East for Allergan told website "People unhappy with their appearance have more options than 20 or 30 years ago, and an increasing proportion are opting for minimally invasive procedures over face-lifts," Ingram added. As with many other places around the world, Botox and fillers are the most popular treatments, as a growing South African middle class decides to undergo "subtler, more natural" cosmetic procedures which are now widely available. And while men currently account for just two per cent of those opting for a little cosmetic help, that figure is growing, says Ingram, because "many more men want to look refreshed and confident at work."