Anti-Ageing tips for your body

8 April 2015

It’s natural to focus on your face when it comes to Anti-Ageing. After all, it’s generally the first thing other people see. If you really want to fight the early signs of ageing though, it’s important to consider the whole of your body.

Experts recommend moisturising your entire body twice daily to help it retain moisture - and especially after bathing to allow your products to penetrate your skin more easily. Speaking of bathing, it’s vital that you turn down the heat on your shower. Washing in hot water for a long time, and with too much soap, can have damaging effects on your skin, causing the cells to break down faster and leading to premature ageing.

To achieve soft, radiant skin, try to exfoliate once a week. This will slough away the build-up of dead skin cells and allow your moisturiser to penetrate your skin, making it more effective.

Don’t forget to keep drinking water to keep your body healthy from the inside. One litre of water per day is the recommended for beautiful skin.

You’ll have heard the phrase, you are what you eat. Make this your motto if you want glowing, healthy skin, and up your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants to help your skin fight the signs of ageing more effectively.

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Image Credit Attribution: b-d-s/ iStock/ Thinkstock