Anti-Ageing tips for your hands

Anti-Ageing tips for your hands

21 April 2015

When it comes to Anti-Ageing it’s all too easy to focus on your face and forget about the rest of your body – but the hands are one of the first areas to show signs of ageing, making it important to take care of them.

Consider sun damage – we rarely leave the house without applying sunscreen to our faces but our hands suffer along the way. From gardening without gloves to driving in the sunshine, our hands are just as exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. The solution? Apply sunscreen of SPF15 and above daily to help protect against sun damage.

Vitamin A (retinol) can also be used to improve cell turnover, keeping your hands looking smoother, line-free and more youthful for longer. You can use this in conjunction with your SPF for maximum hand protection.

There are also a few things to bear in mind: hand sanitisers and washing your hands too much can be detrimental to your hands.

While hand sanitisers are a great way to keep those germs at bay, they can also be very drying due to the alcohol content. Make sure you always follow it up with an application of hand cream.

Washing your hands is another good habit to adopt, but take care not to over-wash as this can cause irritation and inflammation, which both contribute to premature ageing – keep a bottle of moisturiser next to your handwash so you never forget to use both.

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Image Credit Attribution: lucky_spark/ iStock/ Thinkstock