Anti-ageing treatments enjoying boom from baby boomers

22 August 2011

200342181-001Recent market research reveals so-called “baby boomers” are creating potentially huge revenue streams for organisations offering ways to stay forever young. Market research firm Global Industry Analysts believes that the anti-ageing market will grow from $80bn to more than $114bn in the next three to four years. This is based on the increasing desire of people “seeking to keep the dreaded signs of ageing at bay”.Anti-ageing advice from American National Institute on Aging is simple, to eat healthily, exercise regularly and don’t smoke. A recent poll, carried out by, revealed that one in five baby boomers has had or would have cosmetic surgery. Dr Peter Schmid, a cosmetic surgeon in America, said: “Cosmetic surgery has become table talk at home. There's a lot of satisfaction and acceptance from people who've had it, friend to friend, word of mouth.” Sales of anti-ageing skin care are also on the up among the baby boomers looking for ways to stay looking young.