09 August 2012

With almost two-thirds of women over 25 reporting that they have problems with skin redness, a top skin expert has said that the scourge for women is worse in the UK than anywhere else in Europe. And cosmetic surgeon Elisabeth Dancey said that 'strawberries and cream' look was "one of the main reasons women look older than they are".Dilation of the tiny capillary veins just below the skin's surface is a common reason for the blushed look, but not the only one, according to Harley Street dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting. She says prevention is better than cure, with a good sunscreen a necessity. A regular supply of vitamin K, found in leafy green vegetables and olive oil, is also known to ward off the redness. Proven clinical treatments include use of lasers and intense pulsed light. These can seal and destroy capillaries. Meanwhile, the latest product shown to have beneficial effects is a gel form of an eyedrop usually prescribed to glaucoma sufferers. Brimonidine shrinks the capillaries, and while it isn't yet available commercially, it has shown promising results.