20 May 2009

Debra Barr - one of the last remaining candidates on the BBC's The Apprentice - has had a breast enlargement, it's been revealed. The 24-year-old sales consultant from Surrey reportedly had a boob job when she was 17, increasing her A cup bust to a hefty D cup.One source close to Debra told The Sun, "She was unhappy with her figure and thought getting fake boobs would make her more attractive." And, with only a few weeks left until the end of the current series, the News of the World has published images of Debra showing off her enhanced chest several years after her surgery. Debra is one of seven contestants remaining in The Apprentice this year, but is one of the series' least popular contestants. Her fiery personality has meant that she has clashed with a number of other competitors, as well as one of Sir Alan Sugar's trusted advisers, Nick Hewer. In the past, she has said: "When I set my sights on something I have to make sure I get it. I am very cautious and only let the people I can trust see the softer side of me." However, Debra isn't the only Apprentice candidate to have undergone cosmetic surgery. Helene Speight, a contender in the 2008 series, also had a boob job in 2005. Last year, a source told The Sun, "Helene wasn't shy to show pictures of her new assets. "Helene's not embarrassed in the slightest. She thinks if it makes you happy and feel more confident, good luck."