11 July 2014

In an age where we lead even busier lives than before, saving precious time and energy is fast becoming a growing problem and in the case of the cosmetics industry, quick-fix remedies are proving invaluable to many beauty-conscious consumers.One beauty product in particular that is considered to be a lifesaver is face wipes especially when women are on the move and rushed for time. By simply removing their makeup in an instant and disposing their wipes, these convenient and compact napkins get the job done. Or do they? New York-based Dermatologist, Dr Craig Kaffert, begs to differ: Makeup wipes are quick and convenient but not optimal for overall skin health. People who use these on a daily basis may need to rethink this beauty routine, as the constant rubbing can actually have detrimental effects on the skin. Many Dermatologists have highlighted their concerns regarding the ingredients of face wipes and that since the product contains very mild cleansing oil, this makes it harder to remove any stubborn makeup stains. Therefore, the more force applied to wipe away the makeup, the more damage is inflicted on the skin; specifically sensitive areas such as around the eyes. Another face wipes ingredient that is found to cause more harm than good is alcohol: which in fact can dry out skin and cause significant damage. As this does not effectively clean the skin, any product applied to the face straight after using face wipes may leave your skin looking not as refreshed and clean as expected. However, the biggest issue skin experts have with face wipes is that this product does not necessarily remove makeup but instead, transfers any dirt and bacteria to other parts of your face resulting in complexion issue or even Acne. What facial skincare routine do you follow? Inspire us with your beauty secrets over on our Facebook page today.