14 May 2013

123718397Knee lifts could be the latest trend to sweep the world of cosmetic surgery. The older it gets, skin naturally loses collagen and elastin, the natural substances which hold it together and give it its plumpness. Muscles which help keep the skin taut also slacken without exercise, leading to saggy skin.The skin also roughens over time and exposure to the sun can cause it to wrinkle – knee lifts aim to reverse this process. “Regardless of how young your face looks, the knee is a tell-tale sign of true age,” said Dr Michael Diaz, a board certified plastic surgeon based out of Melbourne, Florida. “The wrinkles on your knees act as tree rings on the trunk of a tree.” Demi Moore reportedly underwent a knee lift in 2006 to reduce the loss of elastic fibres, collagen and muscle mass that occur with age. However, scars are more difficult to hide around the knees than most other areas because it bends taught and relaxes smooth. For those unwilling to go under the knife, Dr Diaz recommends regularly exfoliating, moisturising and even targeting the often-overlooked area for a massage.